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Made For More Movement


In Memory of Rikki & Megan Grace

This movement is an initiative created in memory of Rikki and Megan Grace. Two friends whose lives were made for more and each day they displayed that through their continuous ambition, courage, and compassion for others. Focusing on the teen youth in our community this movement was created to honor their memory. Both were active in community outreach and participated in several 5k events to raise awareness to the continuous needs in our community. Made for More motivates members of True Girls to continue to strive for more each day, overcome their obstacles, and to pursue their goals.


In honor of Rikki and Megan, True Girls Incorporated will sponsor two female youths in continuing their education by electing two candidates to receive a scholarship. Both Rikki and Megan were determined to continue their education and have lasting impacts in their community.

Amazing Grace 5K

The Amazing Grace is an annual 5k race that will sponsor True Girls Incorporated by empowering all participants to run/walk for a woman in their life that motivates them to be courageous, confident and connected. By participating you are making a movement that you were made for more.

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